conversations with purpose


I have a passion for working with people and have done all my life. My experience has taught me that, whether we are engaged in therapy or coaching. It is essentially a free-ranging conversation between two people.


Paul Swift at Talking-Works

By engaging in the conversation, we give ourselves the freedom to talk about what is most important to us-even though it might sound ambiguous, clumsy, shameful, even terrifying. We also give ourselves permission to talk about aspects of ourselves that might well be judged, criticised or disowned by ourselves or by others.


These conversations are a wonderful opportunity to re-examine, challenge and clarify our assumptions. They help us to better understand who we are, what we really need and how we can start to explore a much more meaningful and satisfying way of living. That is the beauty of this work.


I have over 25 years’ experience in senior corporate development roles and since 2001, I have worked as a coach to a number of FTSE 100 companies. In addition, I practise as an existential psychotherapist and maintain my own private practice. Working with people who are experiencing transition in their personal and professional lives is challenging but always rewarding. Exploring potential is incredibly fulfilling and motivating both for my clients and for me. 

'Paul is an outstanding coach and group facilitator; he quickly shows an appreciation of the commercial challenges of the business in creating focused solutions for developing individual and team effectiveness.'

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