conversations with purpose

About Talking-Works

Talking-Works supports people through any change in their lives, whether professional or private.


We offer our clients the opportunity to talk about how events are affecting them, in an environment that is confidential and non-judgemental, yet stimulating, challenging and purposeful.


Clients value the chance to discuss situations that present exciting and new challenges or different ways of working and living which then stimulate creative thinking and novel ideas.


Sometimes clients talk about topics that initially may seem unresolvable or stress provoking or incomprehensible, complex, unusual, and possibly shocking


Change can be triggered by a variety of circumstances or events from work or personal relationships. These can include but are not exclusive: -


  • Creatively exploring new opportunities and career ideas
  • Bringing an entrepreneurial idea to market
  • Relocating and/ or working in a new culture
  • Developing a portfolio career and new approaches to working
  • Transition into a new role, either within the same company or with a new employer
  • Promotion from team member to team leader
  • Redundancy
  • Career change
  • Returning to work after a career break
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Loss of meaning to life