conversations with purpose

Our Clients

Clients are - though not exclusively, working and living in London, Typically, they work in commercial and professional service firms. Some move from large FTSE 100 firms to join SMEs and others are entrepreneurs starting their own business.


People come to us in various ways. Some are referred to us by their corporate employer and some are recommended through previous clients and ex-colleagues, or find us through the website.


Whatever the connection, we always operate with the utmost confidentiality, maintaining a strict code of professional conduct. No information is ever discussed with the employer.


Our Results

Talking-Works’ clients find that through honest discussion they can increase their self-awareness and understanding of who they are.


They can learn to appreciate and realise their ambitions, their relationships, their priorities and their passion for what is truly important. This can involve tough decisions and new directions or re-valuing, their current circumstances.

Often our clients return for a ‘check-in’ and start a new programme if they are experiencing new challenges.